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The Gladstone Axe

here is no better figurehead for a Scotch whisky than William Gladstone, who passed the Spirits Act of 1870, allowing the blending of Scotch for the first time. He chopped trees for exercise – and his collection of axes still sits in his study in Hawarden. 


In many ways Blended Malt Scotch represents the best of the best – Malt Whiskies selected from Scotland’s best Single Malt Distilleries – blended together so the sum is greater than the parts.  Our two expressions of The Gladstone Axe – American Oak and The Black Axe represents two distinct flavour profiles and offer a delicious, simple introduction to the plethora of flavours that exist in Scotch.  Black Axe is spicy, smoky and rich – but not overpowering like some of the “serious” Islay Whiskies – and American Oak has a soft, honey, vanilla and spicy profile that makes it a deliciously drinkable dram.

The Gladstone Axe
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