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Rebel Bourbon

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Back in 1849, when everyone else was using a rye mashbill, Rebel pioneered wheat-based Bourbon. And it’s this award-winning wheated recipe that continues to defy trends today. Rebel Bourbon is unapologetically original and brazenly bold. But don’t let its rough edges fool you, Rebel Bourbon whiskey goes down smooth, whether you prefer it neat, on the rocks, or mixed. Looking for a spirit as rebellious as yours? You’ve met your match. 


Defiantly Smooth Wheated Bourbon.


Rebel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - The original time-honored recipe with a big, round body and full flavor of honey and butter with a long finish and a touch of spiciness. 


Rebel Kentucky Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Extra aged version of the flagship Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, with more intense flavours of honey and vanilla, with a long, warm-oak finish. 


Rebel Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey - Straight Rye offers smooth, spicy, rye flavour with enough backbone to stand up to classic cocktails.


Rebel 100 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Handcrafted according to the original time honored recipe since 1849 and bottled at 100 proof for a rich, full flavor.


Rebel 10-Year-Old Single Barrel - Aged for a full 10 years and bottled one barrel at a time for a unique flavor profile, with a unique flavour for each barrel. A smooth, sipping whiskey.

Rebel Bourbon
Blood Oath Bourbon

Blood Oath Bourbon

The Blood Oath attests that every batch of Blood Oath is the undertaking of one man — a student of both bourbon and science. Loyal to no one family, favouring no one distillery and bound by no one philosophy – this bourbon connoisseur has one goal in mind – to seek out bourbons rare and wonderful, famous and forgotten. Then bottle them in combinations previously unimagined for a lucky few. Not to cater to anyone’s loyalties, he has sworn to never reveal where he finds his bourbon, but only to promise to choose and make the best he knows. Loose lips never tasted something so special.


Pact VI - 2020 release - A masterful union of three well-bred bourbons. Rested and mellowed in Cognac casks for a finish that’s all Kentucky heat with a wisp of crème brûlée sweet.


Pact VII – Current release – An incredible union of three well-bred bourbons. One, a 14-year extra-aged ryed bourbon. Two, an 8-year ryed bourbon. And three, another 8-year ryed bourbon, finished in Sauternes wine casks from Bordeaux for a balance of sweetness with additional spice.

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