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Babička Original Wormwood Vodka

Babička, which means means grandmother in Czech, was also the name of the herb women who, many centuries ago, sold herbs and potions throughout Bohemia.

Inspired by these 16th Century, Bohemian witches’ brews, Babička vodka is distilled in Europe’s oldest distillery, near the city of Prostejov in the Czech Republic, in operation since 1518, and celebrating 500 years in 2018.

Babička is distilled from Moravian corn with the addition of wormwood and a special blend of herbs, with spring water drawn from a deep 10,000-year-old spring.

The corn spirit (therefore gluten free) is incredibly smooth and the herbs give a unique botanical flavour with a delicate finish.

10223 Scapegrace - 700mL - Vodka Bottle Clearcut - Front 01.PNG

Scapegrace Vodka

Simple. Honest.

Vodka is the simplest of all distillations. Containing just two ingredients. But strangely, its current popularity is because of what it isn’t rather than what it is. 

Most vodkas are obsessed with purity, the absence of imperfection, even though it’s the collection of imperfections that give character to all things.

Scapegrace speaks a different voice. 

The idiosyncrasies of the antique still. And the characteristics of the water and wheat are not photoshopped out through endless distillation. They are left alone to speak for themselves.

Scapegrace understands that character lives within the collection of imperfections, and that in every story the voice of anti-hero is the only one people remember.

Scapegrace Vodka
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