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Tuscan Tree Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo Spirit

Tuscan Tree is made in the style of a classic Italian apéritif.  Production is a complex process, using a traditional copper pot still to produce individual distillates, which have the alcohol removed before blending and bottling.  Tuscan Tree is vegan friendly and allergen free, with no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours.  It is designed to be served as a Non-Alcoholic Spritz; one or two measures of Tuscan Tree over ice, topped with tonic or soda.

Tuscan Tree “Arancia Rossa Di Toscana” is infused with real Blood Orange, alongside a bespoke selection of botanicals. Inspired by the orange orchards of North West Italy and the Italian culture of “Aperitivo Hour”.

Tuscan Tree “Fiore di Sambuco Aperitivo” is infused with real elderflower blossom, alongside a bespoke selection of botanicals, including Sicilian lemon, cedar wood oil, juniper peel and berry, orange peel, rhubarb root and Italian sparkling wine.

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